Key Points

* Industry Development Department of NDRC and Raw Material Department of MIIT introduce the requirements on the development of petroleum and chemical industry during the 14th five-year period
* CPCIF introduces the requirements on the key points of planning and high-quality development of chemical parks during the 14th five-year period
* Experts deliver speeches on topics such as diversified competition structure of raw materials for petrochemical industry, value chain extension of olefins and aromatics industry, as well as the development of high-end chemicals
* Industry upgrade innovation, green, smart and standardized construction as well as high-quality development of chemical parks during the 14th five-year period
* Visit Yantai Chemical Industry Park and Wanhua Chemical’s ethylene project, R&D center, practice training base, etc.

FOCUS 1 High-quality Development of Chemical Parks in the 14th Five-year Period

As the beginning of the 14th five-year period, next year will see China’s petroleum and chemical industry structure to upgrade from quantitative development to qualitative development, and drastic change of chemical parks’ green development…

FOCUS 2 “High-quality Development of Petrochemical Industry” Session

What will be the impact for the traditional petrochemical industry gaining from the international energy mix adjustment in the future? What will be the investment highlights of petrochemical products during the 14th five-year period? Let’s see how advanced enterprises to realize innovation breakthrough and optimal know-how…

FOCUS 3 “Smart Chemical Parks” Session

How to fully probe into the functions of smart chemical parks and fundamentally promote the construction of safety, environment protection and emergency system of chemical parks? How to link the smart platform of chemical parks with data collection systems of chemical enterprises? How to raise the safety and environment protection capability of chemical parks in virtue of the data acquisition and analytical ability of smart chemical parks?.....

FOCUS 4 “Safety and Environmental Management of Chemical Parks” Session

How to implement environment monitoring and delicacy management in chemical parks? How to efficiently solve the pollutants discharge monitoring and tracing by virtue of third-party strength to realize the integration solution of environment treatment in chemical parks…

FOCUS 5 “Risk Monitoring and Emergency Management of Hazardous Chemical Production in Chemical Parks” Session

How to establish risk monitoring and pre-warning platform for hazardous chemical producers in chemical parks so as to fulfill the highly-efficient supervision of chemical parks? How to realize highly-efficient supervision of security administration in chemical parks ...

FOCUS 6 “Chemical Parks Development, Construction and Management” Session

For chemical parks, how to carry out scientific planning and integrative construction? How to establish project admission system and evaluation mechanism? How to efficiently utilize the catalytic action of producer services in chemical parks during the high-quality development phase ...

FOCUS 7 AICM Session & the 6th CEOs Roundtable Meeting of Chemical Industry Parks and Multinational Chemical Companies

With the 14th five-year period coming in the corner, how should chemical parks realize fine operation and professional management? How should MNCs adjust their strategies in China and fulfill the innovative development in the background of high-quality development?

FOCUS 8 Have a tour in Gulei Port Economic Development Zone to look into key projects

Have a tour in Gulei Port Economic Development Zone to look into key projects Gulei Port Economic Development Zone was approved by People’s Government of Fujian Province in June, 2006, and was certified and recognized as one of the Seven Major Petrochemical Industrial Bases. The planned area of the development zone is 116.68 km2, with 50,9 km2 of core area for integrative petrochemical industry. As officially approved by NDRC, Gulei Port Economic Development Zone has the total capacity of 50 million t/a for refining, 5.8 million t/a for aromatics and 5 million t/ a for ethylene. The development zone sets foot in introducing advanced chemical enterprises with world-class technology and focuses on industries with high added valueand cutting-edge technology. Up to now, famous enterprises like Sinopec, SABIC, Vopak, Chimei and USI Group have put investment in Gulei Port Economic Development Zone.